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HM Marketing is the leading strapping tools & band supplier in Malaysia. We offer economical & affordable strapping equipment to keep your supply chain lead and efficient. With more than 2 decades of experience, we know what works best for you, our specialist will offer our consultant & training to best fulfill your needs. Want to know how to increase your efficiency and decreasing your cost? Talk to our consultant today!

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HM Marketing Services was established with the goal of providing the best packaging solution for the industry. Within a few years, the qualities, reliability and price competitiveness of our straps led to a rapid growth in the local packaging market. Our polyester strapping is manufactured with the best machine and materials. We are specialized in Polyester and Steel strapping tools. Under our company we have few well known brands. Our mission is to help you to have a better loads securements.

Strapping Tool & Band Supplier

HM Marketing services offer economic and affordable industrial packaging tools with prices fit for any budget. We are also unique as we are the sole agent in Malaysia for FROMM, Transpac and Teknical, which makes us experts of the products offered by these brands. Therefore, our consultants are equipped with relevant knowledge as well as technical experience to help advise customers on the best packaging tools, such as strapping tool and band supplier, that are suitable for their projects and needs.