Composite Cordstrap

Composite Cordstrap is a new type of strapping and packing straps. This kind of strapping band is widely used as an industrial straps for pallet banding as well as load securing in the container

Besides woven polyester strapping, composite cord strapping is also popular as plastic packing strap. Its strength is decided by the thickness of polyester yarn and the performance of plastic. We use best yarn and imported plastic to make sure the strength of our polyester cord strap always at the best level.

Additional information

Item Code

TC40, TC50, TC65, TC85, TC105, TC105


13MM, 16MM, 19MM, 25MM, 32MM, 32MM

Min. Linear Breaking Strength KGF

300, 425, 625, 785, 1500, 1500

Min. System Breaking Strength KGF

480, 680, 1000, 1256, 2500, 2500


1100, 600, 500, 500, 250, 300