The FROMM P355 is a strapping tool for plastic straps from 13 MM to 16 MM with a max tension of 2100 N. It is a robust and reliable tool and allows us to adjust the welding time, traction force and tensioning speed. Because of its light weight, it can be used without being suspended. It is safe and easy to use and is equipped with a safety sensor for optimum operator safety. The FROMM 355 is mainly used for mid duty applications. It is one of the most reliable options because of its ability of being used without the tool being suspended.

Additional information

Strap Qualities

Polyester (PET) and Polypropylene (PP)

Strap Dimension

10.0 – 16.0 x 0.40 – 1.05 mm, 3/8 – 5/8 x .016 – .041″

Strap Tension

400 – 2100 N (adjustable)

Sealing Type



4.8 kg / 10.5 lbs