ITA 20


The ITA 20 is a reliable, efficient, and productive tool for low tension manual strapping. It is ideal for 13 or 16 mm PP and PET strap. Not only is it easy to be used, but our plastic strapping tensioner is also lightweight and can be operated using one hand. It also has adjustable tension of up to 2200N. Equipped with a Lithium Polymer Battery, the tool is well-known battery-operated equipment for plastic strapping and it is being used worldwide in various fields of applications such as glass and ceramic industries, food packaging, fruit and vegetable, and several others.



Electric strapping tool for polypropylene and polyester strap with vibration sealing.


Length: 290 mm • 11.4”
Width: 140 mm • 5.5”
Height: 165 mm • 6.5”
Weight: 3.6 Kgs • 7.9 lbs


Battery: 14.8V-2 A/h LI-PO


Max. tension force: 2200N
Tensioning speed: 12mt/m
Sealing: Vibration sealing
Joint strength: 80% of breaking strength*
*variable according to strap type