ITA 24 Battery Operated Strapping Tools


For increased power, speed and consistency, the ITA 24 strapping tool is a battery operated strapping tool for light to heavy duty strapping applications. It works in three different modes – fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual operating mode. You can select the suitable mode depending on your use. The ITA 24 is equipped with brushless motors to achieve low maintenance, high speed and improved electronic control. Powered by lithium ion batteries, more than 300 cycles per charge can be reached, allowing for rapid operation and minimal downtime.




Battery strapping tool for polyester strap with vibration sealing.


Length: 300 mm • 11.8”
Width: 150 mm • 5.9”
Height: 160 mm • 6.3”
Weight: 3.9 Kgs • 8.6 lbs


Battery: 14.8V-2 A/h LI-PO


Max. tension force: 2500N
Tensioning speed: 16mt/m
Sealing: Vibration sealing
Joint strength: 80% of breaking strength*
*variable according to strap type